Don’t risk doing these things immediately after a cataract surgery

LASIK Risks and Complications

Morris Waxler PhD. FDA’s chief scientist in charge of the clinical trials research for laser eye surgery, popularly known as LASIK. Long term effects reported Petition to stop LASIK The following outline summarizes LASIK risks that must be conveyed to the public

Signs that show one may likely undergo cataract surgery

LASIK Conflicts Of Interest

LASIK & the Department of Defense LASIK patient advocates have expressed strong concern of bias on the part of military LASIK surgeons, particularly Navy LASIK surgeons, who have close ties with organized ophthalmology. For example, Steve Schallhorn, MD, Capt, US Navy (Retired) is a paid medical malpractice defense expert witness and an industry consultant who has made public statements …

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LASIK and Pupil Size

Behind the cornea is the colored part of the eye called the iris. The iris muscle controls the size of the pupil, regulating the amount of light entering the eye. In dim light, the pupil opens to gather more light. The dark-adapted pupil diameter varies widely among individuals. In 2004, researchers found the pupil size of patients …

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LASIK-related anxiety, depression, and suicide

Refractive surgery advertisements depict only happy patients, free of their glasses, engaging in sports and recreation—enjoying life to the fullest! There is never a mention of the “unhappy patient”. The unhappy patient is often misunderstood because most people believe a bad outcome can be corrected with another surgery, or that the patient can simply go …

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Various informative videos

Morris Waxler Former FDA’s chief scientist in charge of the clinical trials research for laser eye surgery, popularly known as LASIK speaks out about the dangers of LASIK eye surgery and how he now concludes that LASIK risks and long-term consequences outweigh the benefit of reduced dependency on corrective lenses, even with newer LASIK surgical …

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