Various informative videos

Morris Waxler

Former FDA’s chief scientist in charge of the clinical trials research for laser eye surgery, popularly known as LASIK speaks out about the dangers of LASIK eye surgery and how he now concludes that LASIK risks and long-term consequences outweigh the benefit of reduced dependency on corrective lenses, even with newer LASIK surgical technologies such as wavefront custom LASIK and bladeless LASIK.

Dr Edward Boshnick Post-Lasik Lenses

Dr. Boshnick specializes in Post Refractive Surgery lenses. These comprise specialist lenses such as Rose-K and Synergies PS as well as custom-made Scleral lenses. The very fact that Dr. Boshnick does this work, should demonstrate to you the dangers of LASIK eye surgery. learn more about the laser recovery process at

Joe Tye on Lasik

Joe Tye’s brilliant set of videos on LASIK, and the surrounding tissues such as dry eye disease and ethics. You can see more on his website

FDA Lasik hearing

The FDA Ophthalmic Devices Panel hearing was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland on April 25th, 2008. The hearing focused on LASIK quality of life, depression, and suicide.