In response to reports of widespread problems with LASIK, the FDA called a special meeting of the Ophthalmic Devices Panel on April 25, 2008.

LASIK Videos

Former FDAs chief scientist in charge of the clinical trials research for laser eye surgery, popularly known as LASIK speaks out about the dangers of LASIK eye surgery and how he now concludes that LASIK risks and long-term consequences outweigh the benefit of reduced dependency on corrective lenses, even with newer LASIK surgical technologies such as wavefront custom LASIK and bladeless LASIK.

The LASIK Industry Code of Silence

“We are only starting to ride the enormous growth curve of LASIK in this country. There will be more than enough surgeries for everyone to benefit if we keep our heads by sharing information openly and honestly and by resisting the temptation to criticize the work of our colleagues when we are offering a second opinion to a patient with a suboptimal result. Who was it who said, ‘When the tide comes in, all the boats in the harbor go up?'”

FDA Patient LASIK Reviews and Adverse Events

The following data shows a sample of the FDA filed data of adverse events following on from refractive surgery. These are the types of complications you can expect to have from refractive surgeries such as LASIK/LASEK(PRK)/IOL or even Relex (smile).

LASIK Vision Simulations

The simulators below allow you to experience what LASIK vision can be like. Remember, LASIK is un-predictable, and any one (good candidate or not) can end up with distorted vision.

The Truth behind LASIK Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction after LASIK, as measured by unvalidated surveys or questionnaires, is neither scientific nor a reliable indicator of LASIK safety or efficacy. LASIK surgeons report high patient satisfaction even in cases with poor night vision and sight-threatening complications. The “Hawthorne effect” 1 proposes that patients may rate their level of satisfaction with the LASIK procedure higher in an effort to please their physician.

Dr. William Jory, FRCS, FRCOphth

There has been a lot of publicity in the UK about complications associated with laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery. The publicity has concentrated mainly on complications after surgery undertaken at laser eye clinics on the high street rather than in hospitals.

In Memory of Colin Thomas Dorrian

Dorrian, 28, went missing June 25. His family feared the worst after learning he used his credit card to purchase a gun the day he disappeared. Friends searching the area Wednesday spotted Dorrian’s red Ford Ranger pickup truck parked at the Quadrangle and suspected he jumped a fence, returning to an old haunt they frequented as teens.

Patient Information Booklets

Every FDA-approved laser has a document known as “labeling”. Labeling is similar to the package insert or printout you receive when you purchase a prescription drug. It contains important safety information and data from clinical trials. The labeling for lasers contains a Patient Information Booklet, which the FDA requires that all prospective LASIK patients receive prior to surgery. LASIK surgeons routinely fail to provide the booklet, which denies patients access to information that could affect their decision to have the surgery.

Real Patient Testimonials/Reviews for Laser Eye Surgery

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Whether superstition has anything to do with it or not, eye twitching happens when eyelid muscles contract and relax. Involuntary twitching, however, can be caused by having dry eyes, suffering from conjunctivitis or being sensitive to light.