The LASIK Industry Code of Silence


“We are only starting to ride the enormous growth curve of LASIK in this country. There will be more than enough surgeries for everyone to benefit if we keep our heads by sharing information openly and honestly and by resisting the temptation to criticize the work of our colleagues when we are offering a second opinion to a patient with a suboptimal result. Who was it who said, ‘When the tide comes in, all the boats in the harbor go up?'”
– Dr. Marguerite B. McDonald – Ironically she gave up performing LASIK due to the high risk of ectasia, read more here

Hard to believe

You may find it hard to believe that Medical Professionals could be so cold and calculating and actually cover up the mistakes of less competant surgeons, many of us have discovered first hand that this is far from the truth.

A previous example of this industry comes from the Tobacco industry. We all know that smoking is harmful, but it wasn’t until quite recently that the tobacco industry began to admit how harmful it really is.

“I’m a scientist who says: ‘It’s about time they quit this charade. I’m sick and tired of the way they distort and ignore the science. It’s time for them to tell the truth … They had a responsibility early on to tell what their own researchers were finding out. Instead, they ignored it and made a mockery of it. I think it’s time for the tobacco industry to say: This stuff kills people. We know that. Smoke at your own risk.”

– Anthony Colucci, a former scientist with RJ Reynolds (1992)

Now bear in mind that this went on with cigarettes for the better part of 50 years before it became conclusive that not only are cigarettes harmful, but that the industry was well aware of the harm being caused and were complacent in a large cover up.

Unfortunately Refractive Surgery is no different in this regard. All eyes under going refractive surgery are permanently damaged, and even more worringly those people who’s eyes are severly damaged, cannot even get a truthful second opinion with which to help them get minimal compensation for their loss of quality of life.

Here you can read about an opthamologist who regrets testifying in a high profile case, and has been verbally abused by his and ostracised by his colleagues for his testimony. Read more..

How Mr Machat has been treated, should give you and idea of why no Opthamologists are prepared to speak out against the industry.

If something goes wrong, it is almost impossible to get another Refractive Surgeon to speak up for you and speak freely. This has been proven many times over.

Joe Tye on ‘The Lasik Industry Code of Silence’

The Lasik industry submitted false and misleading data when seeking FDA approval for the procedure, and continues to cover up bad outcomes in seeking to deceive the public into believing that the procedure is perfectly safe. Anyone considering Lasik should be aware of the industry’s informal code of silence and make sure to do their own homework, because the Lasik surgeon who has a financial conflict of interest might not be telling the whole truth.

The Lasik Industry Code of Silence