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Name Lucy
Occupation Larsen
Date Received 9/8/2014
Country Canada
Comment I can see "20/20" but still need glasses full time because I cant co-ordinate my eyes. I have lost my night vision. Had the procedure done in Toronto late 2012. Top Clinic, etc.. Paid over $5000. Please dont have this procedure. Even the best surgeon and lasers in the world cannot prevent disasters from happening. I have since found out from an ex-employee of the clinic I went to that complications are far more common than they disclose. It took me two years to convince the Surgeon that the surgeon was not a success. He insisted I got a great result because the numbers were an improvement. But how is still have to wear glasses full time and impaired night vision an improvement? I didnt even have a strong prescription to begin with. Every year, about 70 people walk out of ONE THE OF THE MOST REPUTABLE CLINICS in the city with eyes worse than they came in. 70 times the number of clinics in the world and the numbers are quite high. Check out the latest in contact lenses… they are a much better option than surgery. If you dont sleep in them, you shouldnt have a problem. Laser clinics lie to you about surgery being safer than contacts. Not true. Also, wearing glasses is better than not being able to see. Please think this through. Dont have Lasik. Please spare yourself the potential unnecessary horror.
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Name Mike
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Date Received 4/3/2014
Country United States
Comment Please visit my website for my complete story. I had LASIK in March 2010 on both eyes and again in November 2010. LASIK has destroyed my quality of life and has cost me thousands of dollars. The doctors responsible for permanently damaging my eyesight lied to me, deceived me, and have remained protected by the corrupt Texas optometry board.
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Name Galle
Occupation Graphic designer
Date Received 12/20/2013
Country France
Comment I am from Paris. I am a for kids mother and a graphic designer. I had a lasik surgery in februar 2011 in a very well known french national hospital. The Professeur L. Laroche who did this surgery is one of the most famous in France for lasik practises. He is also an opinion leader for the middle of the ophtalmologists. Since this intervention I develop several complications and I am diagnosed with corneal ectasia. I wear today a piggy-back (hard lenses with under a soft lense to protect a fragile cornea) and I steel need glasses to read. I am not spread from halos and dazzles, my eyes are painful at the end of the day after hours on computer. I am sad with my work because I can not see things that I should do. I can not read or see letters and colors as well as I use to. I am also very sad for my kids because I can not do that much that I use to do with them. Today, I am hungry because here in France many people are not informed from the bad outcomes of lasik. Patients do not even signe a letter of discharge to agree a lasik surgery. We created this summer 2013 an association to denounce the dangers of those practises with a petition (, a letter address to our Health Minister. You can also read on our website testimonies writen by post-lasik patients with bad outcomes. You can find also press articles and movies alarming people. Off course if some one you need to use this material that we let on our website it would be a pleasure. "Force et courage tous"
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Name Nanami Yoshioka
Occupation Unknown
Date Received 9/30/2013
Country Japan
Comment I am Nanami Yoshioka, 40 years old, female, a member of Lasik Complication Support Group in Japan. I am also suffering from severe eye pain, heterophoria, Blepharospasm and several vision problems after going through Lasik surgery in Tokyo. I took Lasik surgery in late 2010, and immediately after the surgery, I developed several complications. Now, Japanese Lasik Victims got together, formed a Support Group and tried to file a petition to Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry in Japan (equivalent to FDA) to withdraw the approval and find a medical solution or financial solution to support Lasik victims in Japan.
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Name Juan Guardiola
Occupation Unknown
Date Received 9/30/2013
Country Mexico
Comment Hi, I am from Monterrey, Mexico I had Lasik eye surgery in 2005 at Clinica ****** with Dr I*** B******* . By the year 2009 vision in my left eye started to get blurry, and in 2010 i was finally diagnosed with corneal ectasia. By this point everything was extremely blurry and I could barely distinguish faces. This same year I had CrossLinking on my left eye, and then I tried rigid glass permeable lenses, but I couldnt tolerate them. Finally I got a scleral lense which I could finally tolerate and even though vision is much better, I have a hard time reading the computer screen, books, or any type of letters (if I use my left eye only) so i am extremely dependant on my right eye vision, and I am really scared that one day my right eye could suffer the same fate. But now comes the sad sad part… over the years I have visited several doctors to get more opinions, and guess what? Pretty much all of them have told me that my eyes werent an ideal candidate for surgery, so why would Dr Backhoff perform LASIK on me? I certainly dont know. The explanation these doctors give to me is that my eyes had irregular astigmatism, which in the world of ophtalmology is sometimes considered as a "low grade keratoconus", so performing lasik damages even more the condition over the years. Sadly, in my country this cases never go well on the patient side. No doctor would dare giving written testomy of their diagnosis, and I dont know of any lawyers that take this type of cases. The clinic in which i had lasik consider my eyes were PERFECT candidates and that this wasnt their fault, they say it was my "GENES" fault. I wish I could have found this website before I had LASIK, and I hope people could see that LASIk is not worth the risk (LASIK is big money, doctors take the risk you shouldnt take).
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