LASIK Night Vision Problems


This topic is very much linked to pupil size and neural adaptation.

Night vision problems / disturbances (NVD) is a hot topic of refractive surgery. It will always be a hot topic, and will never be fully resolved (due to the inherent problems of how much tissue can be safely vaporized, and the distortions created when tissue is vaporized). When we talk about night vision, what we are actually talking about is visual distortions in dim light or artificially lit (not specifically very dark) environments.

Lets discuss some basic terminology first

  • Photopic – Vision in bright daylight
  • Mesopic – Vision in artifical light, down to quite dim light (like in a movie theatre)
  • Scotopic – Vision in no lighting – A moonless night outdoors in the countryside , with only starlight to see by (pretty dark!)

Your pupils will be very small in photopic light, bigger in mesopic light and largest in scotopic light. As your pupil expands, more light comes in. Like the arperture of a camera, it allows more light in, so that you can see better in these different environments. Maximum pupil size varies from person to person.

The laser however, can only safely create an optical zone up to 6.5mm, this is due to limitations in how much tissue can be ablated (vaporized) safely.

Above 6.5mm, they create a blend zone which is not a fully corrected area, but acts to smooth out the surface.

Night vision disturbances generally occur when the optical zone created is less than the size of scotopic pupil size. Now there is a caveat, there is something called the effective optical zone and target optical zone. The surgeon may target you for a 6.5mm optical zone, but you could easily end up with a 4mm effective optical zone. This is because the laser loses power on the periphery of the cornea (the outer bit), and it therefore does not recieve the amount of treatment it should have recieved. This results in a smaller optical zone than intended, meaning that even people with 6.5mm scotopic pupils, can end up with night vision disturbances (there are other reasons that result in small optical zones also). Wavefront ablations attempt to compensate for this, but it generally doesnt work that well, which is why so many people who have had wavefront have night vision disturbances also.

Small optical zones are also referered to as something called spherical aberration, and is what generally causes distorted vision, mostly in very dim light (when the pupil is large), but for many with severe spherical aberration it will affect them in anything other than photopic environments.

If you have a scotopic (maximum size) pupils larger than the target optical zone of the laser, you will have a 100% chance of having worse quality vision, and will to some varying extent suffer from halo / glare, starbursting and ghosting.

Distortions can be defined as (but not limited to)

  • Halo
  • Starburst
  • Glare
  • Ghosting (multi-focal vision)
  • Poor contrast sensitivity

These distortions can be debilitating, and cannot be corrected with standard contact lenses or glasses. It can be impossible for the brain to adapt, and remember, as pupils get larger, more light is let in, and the worse the distortion. Those with large pupils are particularly at risk of problems. It is almost impossible to correct these problems once introduced, have a google, and you will see many websites written by people with these specific problems, many of whom have tried ‘retreatments’ to no avail. In fact for many people, retreatments have made their problems far worse.

A large number of post LASIK patients initially have very good visual acuity, perhaps 20/20 in bright daylight, but are partially sighted in other environments, such as in the office, where there is only artificial lighting. Incidentally, artificial lighting has less of the spectrum of light that normal daylight has and therefore does not provide enough light for the post LASIK eye.

If you enjoy having an active lifestyle, driving at night, going to the movies, watching TV, using a computer (under artificial lighting – not necessarily in the dark), then we believe you are a poor candidate for Laser Vision Correction.

Check out our interactive Visual Simulations section that can show you what your new LASIK / LASEK vision could be like.

Visual Quality Examples

The following pictures demonstrate how many of us see under various lighting enivronments. These pictures are NOT exaggerated in any way, and this is what you can expect if you have laser vision correction, even with the latest wavefront technologies. Your surgeon will deny that there has been any wrong doing, and that as long as you can see 20/20, you will be categorised as a success.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Starburst
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In this photo above, a pedestrian walking by the side of the road is obscured by the starburst from the headlights of a car.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Starburst
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This photo above illustrates how a LASIK patient may see oncoming cars at night. LASIK patients who suffer from night vision disturbances such as this, as well as others sharing the road, are at risk of night-time traffic accidents.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Starburst
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This photo depicts severe night vision problems after LASIK.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Halo
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In this image, the yellow caution sign and white stripe on the edge of the road have a halo, whereas the streetlights have starbursts.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Halo
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This image above shows halos around table lamps and loss of contrast sensitivity after LASIK in dim light.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Halo
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This is a scene at night depicting post-LASIK halos of increasing severity.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Ghosting
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Ghosts are caused by corneal irregularities after LASIK. Some patients see a single ghost image, whereas other patients see many. Ghost images may be relatively transparent or so opaque that it is impossible to discern which is the ghost and which is the real image.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Ghosting
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Ghosting is more commonly seen at night, but it may occur in all lighting conditions depending on the nature of the corneal irregularity. Ghosting may be a result of induced astigmatism, decentered ablation, or large pupils.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Ghosting
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In patients with large pupils, light passes through both the treated and untreated areas of the cornea, resulting in a multi-focal cornea. The muti-focal cornea leads to multiple images.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Blurry Vision
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Blurry Vision is a possible complication of LASIK. As with other visual disturbances, blurry vision varies among patients from mild to severe.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Blurry Vision
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Blurry Vision is a possible complication of LASIK. As with other visual disturbances, blurry vision varies among patients from mild to severe.

LASIK Night Vision Problems

  • Blurry Vision
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Blurry Vision is a possible complication of LASIK. As with other visual disturbances, blurry vision varies among patients from mild to severe.


Starbursts after LASIK. Patients with large pupils may suffer severe visual disturbances at night after LASIK. If you experience debilitating night vision impairment after LASIK your surgeon may still consider your surgery a success. Don’t fall for the LASIK hype.


These stories are all too common post LASIK, the fortunate thing for this individual is that he could obtain help from a specialist, Dr. Boshnick

Mark Saxenmeyer interviews Dr. Kent Kirk, Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Brent Hanson, Steven Post, Richard Zickefoose, Barbara Berney, an anonymous patient of Dr. Randy Epstein, and others

Interesingly Dr. Kent Kirk says that only 5% of patients come back for more laser, what he fails to mention is that a much larger percentage of his patients have probably regressed, but do not want to risk more laser ablation.

FDA Submitted reports related to Quality of Vision

Many of these reports show a pattern of depression, shock, PTSD and serious physical as well as emotional harm as a direct result of the LASIK procedure.

  • After Receiving Lasik Eye Surgery From Dr (B)(6) In 2000 I Have Suffered From Dry Eye, Halo Effects Around Lights, And Poor Vision In Darkness. Furthermore, My Vision Has Gradually Deteriorated Since Receiving This Surgery, Despite Initial Improvemen


    Reported: 24-Jan-13

  • I Had Undergone Lasik Surgery At (B)(6) Laser Eye Surgery Centers In (B)(6) Of 2012. After The Surgery My Vision Was Great During The Day, But I Have Problems With Night Vision. I Experience Starbursts, Halos, And Glare Around Lights, And Continued To Do So At Night. I Have Been To The Center For Check-Ups A Week After, Month After, 6 Months After, And The Doctor Assured Me That The Starbursts, Halos, And Glares Will Eventually Fade Away, However I Have Not Noticed Any Improvements Since The Surgery. On The Day Of The Last Check-Up, I Insisted To The Doctor To Correct The Problem. The Doctor Asked Me One Question And That Was If The Problems Affected My Driving At Night. The Side Effects Are Not Life Threatening, But The Problem Is So Severe And Disruptive. My Vision Bleeds And Sparks With Every Light Post, Car Light, Light Sign, And Other Bright Light In The Area. Even After I Described The Situation To The Doctor, She Replied That There Is Nothing She Can Do About It And That She Could Not Help Me Further. She Stated That 1-2% Of Lasik Candidates Experience These Problems. Note, I Went In 2 Times For A Diagnostics And Testing A Month Before The Surgery And Was Deemed A Great Candidate For Laser Custom Lasik. Custom Lasik Customvue.


    Reported: 21-Jan-13

  • I Had An Elective Refractive Eye Surgery At (B)(6) And Did Not Receive The Custom Lasik Procedure I Paid For. On (B)(6) 2010, (B)(6) Of (B)(6) Personally Gave Me A Written Price Quote To Have A Custom Lasik Procedure Performed At His Facility. The Price Quote Specifically Listed The Procedure As Custom Lasik. There Was No Mention Of Conventional Lasik Or Any Other Procedure On This Document. There Was Also No Mention That The Procedure Could Or Would Be Changed W/O My Consent. Multiple Doctors Who Have Reviewed My Operative Reports From (B)(6) 2010, Have Verified That I Did Not Receive A Custom Lasik Treatment. The Conventional Lasik Treatment I Rec?D On (B)(6) 2010, Was Performed W/O My Knowledge Or Consent. The Doctors Responsible For My Care And Surgery Were (B)(6) Of (B)(6). The Timeline Of Events Does Not Support That Both The Optometrist And Ophthalmologist Were In Agreement On The Procedure That Would Be Performed At Time I Was Given The Price Quote Specifying Custom Lasik. Therefore, I Was Given A Quote That Misrepresented The Procedure I Would Receive, There Was A Gap In The Documentation And Communication Between (B)(6) Ensuring That I Would Receive The Custom Lasik Procedure I Was Quoted To Receive, Or Changes Were Made To My Treatment Plan W/O My Knowledge Or Consent. Regardless, I Did Not Receive The Procedure I Paid For. The Following Info Should Be Provided And Questions Should Be Answered: Dr (B)(6) Should Provide A Copy Of Either Price Quote That Was Distributed To Me On (B)(6) 2010, Or A Copy Of The Price Quotes That He Or His Staff Were Distributing During The Time Frame Of (B)(6) 2010. This Will Indicate If Dr (B)(6) Provided Unique Quotes Custom Vs. Conventional Lasik To Pts Based On His Assessment Of Their Health, Or If He Provided A Single Version Of The Quote To All Pts That Only Specified Custom Lasik As The Procedure, Indicating That Pts, Including Myself, Did Not Receive The Procedures We Expected To Receive And Paid For. The Quote Provided To Me By Dr (B)(6) Had A Unique Detail That I Will Disclose Separately Which Could Help Indicate If The Quotes Provided By Dr (B)(6) In Response To This Complaint Are Indeed The Same As Provided To Me On (B)(6) 2010. Did Dr (B)(6) Have Authority To Specify Which Procedure I Would Receive As A Pt Custom Lasik Vs. Conventional Lasik W/O Dr (B)(6)S Concurrence? If Dr (B)(6) Had Authority, How Did He Communicate To Dr (B)(6) That I Was To Receive Custom Lasik And Not Conventional Lasik? Is There Documentation Of This Communication? If Dr (B)(6) Did Not Have Authority To Specify The Procedure I Would Receive, Why Did He Give Me The Price Quote (B)(6) 2010 That Specifically Stated That I Would Receive A Custom Lasik Procedure? What Date Did Dr (B)(6) Agree On The Procedure I Would Receive? Why Did Dr (B)(6) Perform A Conventional Lasik Treatment When The Quote I Was Given By Dr (B)(6) Specified Custom Lasik? Why Did They Not Communicate Any Changes To The Treatment Plan To Me And Request My Consent Prior To Performing A Procedure Other Than Custom Lasik? There Was No Valid Reason For (B)(6) To Deviate From The Quoted Treatment Plan Of Custom Lasik W/O My Knowledge Or Consent. It Was Not As If This Was A Life Saving Procedure That Would Have Warranted A Deviation From The Quoted Procedure. This Was A Completely Elective Procedure With An Indefinite Amount Of Time To Discuss Potential Options. Dr (B)(6) Did Not Do This. (B)(6) Deviated From The Procedure I Paid For W/O My Knowledge Or Consent. My Life Altering Decision To Have Surgery Performed At (B)(6) Was Based Off Of Info Provided To Me By (B)(6) That Indicated I Would Receive Custom Lasik. (B)(6) And His Staff Have Continually Refused To Provide To Me With A Copy Of The Price Quote They Gave Me, As They Were Aware That The Quote Provided To Me On (B)(6) 2010 Specified Custom Lasik And This Document Will Be Presented As Evidence Against Them. I Now Wear A (B)(6) Pair Of Custom Made Scleral Lenses To Help Correct My Vision And To Help Prevent The Recurring Corneal Erosions That Are A Result Of Having Lasik Complications. I Paid For These Lenses Out Of Pocket As My Medical And Vision Insurance Did Not Cover Such Costs. I Am Now Faced With A Lifetime Of Vision Complications And The Significantly Increased Cost Of My Vision Care. I Also Have The Added Burden Of Continued Mental Health Care Due To The Severe Depression I Have Suffered From For Over Two Yrs As A Direct Result Of Having My Vision Damaged And My Lifestyle And Career Options Being Limited. I Had No Prior History Of Vision Problems, Depression, Or Any Mental Health Concerns Prior To Having My Vision Damaged. I Am Unable To Perform All Of My Job Duties Due To My Poor Vision. I Am Only (B)(6) And Must Be Able To Continue Working For Many Yrs Before Being Eligible To Retire. Please Consider There Is A Real Person Filing This Complaint. I Had Goals That I Can No Longer Achieve And Hobbies I Can No Longer Participate In As A Direct Result Of The Surgery They Performed That I Never Agreed To. I Have A Wife I Have Been Married To For Over Ten Yrs. We Had Plans Together That Have Been Derailed. My Damaged Vision Has Had An Effect On Us That Is Impossible For Me To Convey. I Am Unable To Escape From My Damaged Vision. It Interferes With Every Aspect Of My Life. My Night Vision Has Been Ruined With Halos, Starbursts, Glare, And Multiple Images. I Must Also Travel Frequently As Part Of My Job. I Am Losing The Ability To Safely Drive At Night Which Limits My Travel Arrangements. Prior To Receiving Conventional Lasik At (B)(6), I Had Worn Cheap, Disposable Soft Lenses For More Than 15 Yrs And Never Had One Single Issue With My Vision Or Eye Health. Or Missed One Single Day Of Work Due To My Vision. I Could Have Been Seen By Any Optometrist And Picked Up A Box Of Lenses The Same Day. My Treatment Is Now?


    Reported: 17-Jan-13

  • Received Lasik Eye Surgery. Since The Surgery, My Vision Is Cloudy All Day, Every Day Because Of Chronic Dry Eye. It Affects My Focus 24 Hrs/Day. I Continuously Use Eye Drops, Prescribed By The Doctor, But They HavenT Added Any Benefit, Or Changed My Vision So I Can Focus. The Cloudiness Remains 100 Percent Of The Time. It Affects My Driving Because I CanT Focus Very Well On Objects. It Affects My Night Vision And Am Unable To Drive At Night Because The Lights Are Expanded So I CanT Tell The Exact Position Of Other Cars Or Objects. The Eye Doctor Advised Me, That It Would Correct Itself After 6 Months From The Surgery, But Now After 3 Years, Nothing Has Changed And My Vision Is Not Getting Better. In 2009 Received Lasik Eye Surgery. After The Eye Surgery I Now Have Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome. (B)(6).


    Reported: 24-Jul-12

  • I Had Customvue Wavefront Lasik, Also Known As Ilasik With Intralase, Procedure Done By Dr (B)(6) On (B)(6) 2011. Six Months Later, I Still Have Extremely Bad Night Blindness And Have Severe Impairment When Trying To Drive At Night. This Is A Significant Impairment Because I Live In (B)(6) Where It Is Dark Much Of The Year. During My Exam, Dr (B)(6)S Assistant Measured My Pupils In A Dim Room, Not A Dark Room, At 8.0 Mm. The Assistant Asked Me How My Night Vision Was, And I Replied That It Was Excellent. When I Asked If Having Large Pupils Would Be A Problem, I Was Told That The (B)(6) Would Actually Improve My Night Vision. I Was Assured That None Of The Scary Side Effects On The Informed Consent Forms Would Happen To Me, So I Signed And I Paid (B)(6) For The Procedure, Plus The Cost Of The Exam, And Then Had The Surgery Two Days Later. The Procedure Seemed To Go Fine, But I Immediately Noticed That I Had Severe Night Blindness After The Procedure. Six Months Later It Still Has Not Gotten Better. When I Contacted Dr (B)(6) With My Concerns, He Said That He Was Unable To Do Anything Unless He Examined Me. This Is Another Issue For Me Since I Live 800 Miles By Air From (B)(6) In A (B)(6) Community And It Costs At Least (B)(6) For Me To Fly To (B)(6). Dr (B)(6) Said That He Was Extremely Surprised That I Was Having Issues Because The (B)(4) Procedure “Improves Night Vision” In His Words. On The Phone, Dr (B)(6) Explained That The Laser Treated 6.5 Mm Of My Cornea, And Then The Wavefront Treated The Rest Of My Cornea All The Way Out To 8.0 Mm. He Also Said That His Records Indicated My Pupils Were Measured At 7.5 Mm, Not 8.0 Mm. My Suspicion Is That My Pupil Dilates Far Beyond 8.0 Mm At Night, And The Night Blindness Is Caused By An Undertreated Area On My Corneas. I Feel That Dr (B)(6) Was Not Conservative Enough In His Treatment Of This Pt. Dr (B)(6)S Suggestion Was To Perform A Second Lasik Treatment On My Eyes. When I Said That I Was Afraid To Go Through That Again And CouldnT Afford It, Dr (B)(6) Said He Would Need To Examine Me. He Said We Could Possibly Look At Prescribing Some Eyedrops To Constrict My Vision, Put Plugs In My Tear Ducts, Or Tinted Glasses For Night Driving. He Thought Of Going Through The Procedure Again Is Terrifying. I Am Scare To Drive At Night And It Is Making My Life Miserable. I Am Single And I DonT Have Anybody Else To Drive Me Unless I Take A Taxi, Which Is Not An Option Due To Cost. I Cannot Believe I Have To Deal With Vision Loss And The Loss Of My Mobility And Freedom Because Of This Procedure. The Fda Should Pass Stricter Rules About Lasik Procedures On Pts With Large Pupils.


    Reported: 14-Jun-12

  • I Have Had Two Lasik Surgeries Performed At (B)(6). The Optometrist Was (B)(6), Od And The Ophthalmologist Was (B)(6), Md For Both Surgeries. The Timeline For The Surgeries Is: (B)(6) 2010 Initial Consultation With (B)(6), Od (B)(6) 2010 Pre-Lasik Measurements Taken (B)(6) 2010 First Lasik Surgery Both Eyes Performed At (B)(6), Md (B)(6) 2010 Lasik Treatment Surgery (Both Eyes) Performed At (B)(6), Md. On (B)(6) 2010, I Received A Written Price Quote For “Custom” Lasik. They Did Not Perform Custom Lasik Custom Vue. I Have Copies Of My Operative Reports Indicating I Received “Conventional” Lasik In (B)(6) 2010. This Is Fraud! Furthermore, Using Word Combination Like “Custom Lasik” When The Svs Provided Are Custom Vue Lasik Or A Conventional Lasik Is Misleading And Deceptive. I Was Not A Candidate For Lasik Due To My Active Participation In Boxing. (B)(6), Od And (B)(6), Md Were Both Informed Of My Participation In Boxing Prior To Performing The Surgeries. I Would Not Have Signed The Informed Consent Had Dr (B)(6) Indicated That It Would No Longer Be Safe. Dr (B)(6) Also Assured Me That Continuing To Participate In Boxing Would Be Safe. Dr (B)(6) And Staff Did Not Maintain Accurate Records Of My Medications. At A Later Date, I Requested That (B)(6), Od Pull My Records To Review Them With Me And He Would Not, Even Though The Computer Was Within Arms Length. (B)(6), Od And (B)(6) Md Provided False Or Misleading Info On Their Websites. (B)(6) Website (B)(6) Specifically States Lasik Is A Cutting Edge Procedure For Improving Vision And Getting Rid Of Glasses Or Contacts Forever. (B)(6), Od Orally Provided Statistical Data That Directly Correlated With Custom Vue Results From His Website. Their Website Has Changed And The Address Is No Longer Valid, (B)(6). The Title Stated “Updated Customvue Results” In Large, Bold Lettering, However, The Small Print At The Bottom Of The Chart States The Data Is From 2004. This Data Excluded My Degree Of Required Correction, And Therefore, Did Not Provide Any Indication Of What I Could Expect As An Outcome. Lasik Procedures Induce Higher Order Aberrations. Many Pts Have 20/20 Visual Acuity, But Suffer From Double Vision, Halos, Starbursts, Etc That Significantly Reduce Their Vision Quality. Advertising Success In Terms Of Visual Acuity 20/20, 20/40, Etc Is Deceptive. I Was A High Risk Pt Likely To Experience Night Vision Issues Including: Halos, Starbursts, And Multiple Vision Due To My High Degree Of Correction And Large Pupil Size. I Was Not Informed Of This Until After The First Surgery. I Asked (B)(6) Directly If I Would Have Any Of The Night Vision Issues Listed In The Informed Consent Because I Was Scared Of Having Damaged Night Vision As I Spend A Significant Amount Of Time In Dim Or Dark Lighting Conditions. (B)(6), Od Informed Me That These Side Effects Are No Longer An Issue With The Latest Procedures. Prior To Lasik I Did Not Have Any Vision Issues In Dim Or Dark Lighting Conditions. My Pupils Measured As Large As 7.9 Mm. I Was Given Expired Prescription Eye Medication By (B)(6), Md And Instructed To Use The Medication For Six Months Before I Would See An Improvement. I Was Never Previously Diagnosed With A Medical Condition Warranting The Use Of This Medication, Even Though I Had Been Seen By Many Optometrists And Ophthalmologists Prior To Dr (B)(6) Giving Me This Medication. I Have Both The Medications And The Dated Dosage Instructions As Evidence. I Was Given A Prescription Eye Medication, Pilocarpine, By (B)(6), Md That Was Not Intended For Use Outside Of Dr (B)(6) Partner, Office. It Was Labeled “For Office Use” And Did Not Have My Name On The Bottle Or Packaging. I Have This Medication And Its Packaging As Evidence. This Medication Was Prescribed To Reduce My Pupil Size, Because I Was Experiencing Vision Problems Due To The High Degree Of Correction And Large Pupil Size. My Vision Was Not Stable At The Time I Received The Second Surgery. My Vision Fluctuated Greatly Throughout Each Day. The Surgery Has Induced A Significant Number Of Vitreous Floaters In Both Of My Eyes That Were Not Present Prior To The Surgeries. This Side Effect Was Not Disclosed To Me Prior To Either Surgery. This Was Referred To As “The Fleas Of EveryoneS Vision” By Dr (B)(6) When I Discussed The Issue With Him. Floaters Were Not The Fleas Of My Vision, But Surgically Induced Damage To Both Of My Eyes. Both Surgeries Were Performed Within View Of The Lobby. There Was A Seating Area Designated For Spectators. This Practice Gave The False Appearance That The Surgery Was Safe And Without Risk. I Was Not Informed Prior To The First Surgery That The Corneal Flap Can Be Easily Lifted During The First Two Years, And In Many Cases Lifted After Several Years. This One Sentence Would Have Immediately Caused Me To Decline The Procedure. This Was Disclosed To Me Six Months After The Initial Surgery, In The Second Consent Form Before My Re-Treatment. This Is Info That Could Reasonably Cause A Large Population Of Potential Pts, Including Myself, To Decline Having The Surgery. The Corneal Flap Does Not “Heal” In The Same Manner As The General Population Defines Healed. For Example, A Healed Cut On OneS Arm After Surgery Cannot Be Easily Reopened For Years Following The Surgical Procedure. I Would Not Have Accepted This Side Effect Under Any Circumstance. The Higher The Attempted Correction, The Longer It Takes The Cornea To Heal. This Too Would Have Caused Me To Decline The Surgery. My Wife And I Had Vacation Plans Shortly After My Initial Surgery Date. An Important Vacation With My Wife Was Ruined Due To My Poor Vision. My Quality Of Life Has Been Destroyed Because Of A Useless, Elective Surgery. My Professional Career As A Mechanical Engineer Will Be In Jeopardy If My… I Can Provide Electronic Scans Of The Majority Of My Medical Records Including Wavefront Measurements, Multiple Hospitalization Records For Attempted Suicide And Depression, Informed Consent Forms From Both Lasik Procedures, Operative Reports For Both Procedures, Etc. Many Items Are Shown On My Personal Website (B)(6). Prior To Lasik, I Did Not Have Depression Or Any Other Mental Health Related Issues. I Also Did Not Have Any Vision Problems Before Having Lasik. I Was Healthy And Actively Participated In Amateur Boxing. My Career Was Also Going Extremely Well. Lasik Has Changed All Of This And Created A Hardship For My Wife And I. I Have Spent Thousands Of Dollars As A Direct Result Of Lasik Related Complications To My Vision And Overall Health. I Have Had Continuous Issues With My Vision And Have Not Had A Single Day Of Clear, Normal Vision Since The First Lasik Surgery On (B)(6) 2010. I Have To Use Alphagan P Daily To Reduce My Pupil Diameter To See Better In Dim/Dark Lighting Conditions. I Also Have To Use Steroid Eye Drops Periodically To Help Resolve Recurrent Corneal Erosions As A Result Of The Lasik Procedures. My Contact Lenses Do Not Correct My Vision And Cost Much More. Prior To Having Lasik I Did Not Have Any Issues With My Vision.


    Reported: 12-May-12

  • Lasik Surgery. By (B)(6). Saw Him 10 Minutes Before Procedure. Initial Exams Performed By Another Ophthalmologist. The Surgeon Stated I May Get Halos With My Enlarged Pupils. I Was Not Warned Of Common Side Effects But About Major Complications Only.


    Reported: 10-Apr-12

  • I Had Lasik Performed On (B)(6) 2012 And Have Blurry Vision, Huge Halos, And Huge Starbursts, Severe Headaches, And What Seems To Be An Induced Astigmatism. The Procedure Was Performed On A Allegretto Wave Laser.


    Reported: 22-Mar-12

  • I Had Lasik In My Right Eye On (B)(6) 2012. Complications Began With A “Bunched Up” Epithelium In My Right Eye, Which Caused The Surgeon To Do A Prk Procedure In My Left Eye. The Epithelium In My Left Eye. The Epithelium In My Right Eye Never Healed Smoothly And My Vision Was Extremely Blurry. Therefore, About Two Weeks After Surgery, My Right Eye Required A Second Treatment That Involved The Surgeon Hand-Scraping The Outer Layer Of My Eye Off To Let It Heal Smoothly The Second Time. Much Worse, However, The Vitreous Humor In My Right Eye Became Detached And A Large “Floater” Appeared In My Right Eye. I Saw A Retina Specialist, Who Confirmed The Vitreous Humor Detachment In My Right -Lasik- Eye, But Found No Such Detachment In My Left – Prk- Eye. I Now Feel As If I Am Constantly Looking Through A Smudge Over My Right Eye That I CanT Wipe Away. The Retina Specialist Said That I Should Consider Myself Lucky Not To Have Suffered A Detached Retina. Lasik Surgery: (B)(6) 2012. Follow-Up Removal Of Epithelium: (B)(6) 2012. Vitreous Detachment Noticed: (B)(6) 2012.


    Reported: 11-Mar-12

  • Had Lasik Surgery. Was Originally Told The Outlook From Lasik Surgery Was Having Normal Vision For An Equivalent Man Of (B)(6) Years Old. After Surgery, The Correction Did Not Come Out As Planned. My Vision Was Fair In The Left Eye, But Blurry In The Right Eye. Before Surgery Wearing Glasses, I Had Great Vision Both Up Close And At Distance. If I Needed Very Close Vision, I Would Take My Glasses Off To See. After Surgery I Now Have Double Vision. My Left Eye And Right Eye Are Not Equal In Vision. I Was Told My Brain Would Adjust To This Discrepancy. After A Year There Has Been Some Getting Used To This Double Vision, But At Distance Especially There Is A Blurriness On The Right Side Of My Field Of Vision All Of The Time. The Only Time The Vision Is Adequate Is When I Am Outside During Bright Sunlight. In The Early Morning, Early Evening, During Rain Storms Or Fog And Night Time My Vision Is Fuzzy. Lights Such As Headlights And Streetlights Have Glare, Ghosting, Haloes And Starbursts Effects. I Had To Get Glasses For Distance To Wear Especially At Night, But Even With Better Vision From The Glasses The Haloes And Starbursts Are Still Present. Night Vision Is Hazy And Fogy At Lowlight Conditions And Fuzzy Indoors Under Fluorescent Lights. I Get Comments From Numerous People That My Eyes Look “Tired” All The Time And I End Up Getting Eye Strain And Headaches From Squinting. When I Squint At Night The Bright Starburst Rays Get Bigger. To Get Rid Of Those Long Rays I Need To Open My Eyes Wider. But This Gives Me A Continued “Surprised” Look When Doing That. If I Had It To Do All Over Again I Would Not Chose Lasik Surgery. The Doctor Advertised That I Would Experience A “Wow” Feeling After Seeing Without Glasses For The First Time. In The Beginning, I Was Enthusiastic Not To Wear Glasses, But The Above Mentioned Issues Did Not “Go Away With Time” As I Was Told And I Am Very Frustrated With The Final Outcome Of Having A Procedure That WasnT Done Correctly And Did Not Live Up To Its Advertising. I Never Saw The Eye Surgeon That Did The Procedure Until The Actual Day Of The Procedure. All Exams And Prework Are Done By Surrogate Eye Doctors And Technicians In The Office. When I Ask About Enhancements They Tell Me They CanT Do Anything Because My Eyes Test Out 20/20. But, I Would Much Rather Have My Old Vision Back. My Old Glasses Were A Bit Frustrating To War Sometimes, But Not Nearly As Frustrating As My Vision Is Now.


    Reported: 12-Feb-12

  • The Reporter Did Not Provide Contact Info For F/U And The Device Serial Number Was Not Provided. Unable To Perform A Device Eval Or Draw Conclusions Regarding Root Cause Due To Lack Of Info. Complaints Of Halos, Dry Eye, Ghosting, Induced Astigmatism, Poor Night Vision, Loss Of Contrast/Sharpness Are Known Risks Of Lasik Surgery And Are Identified In The Device Labeling. (B)(4).


    Reported: 21-Sep-11

  • I Had Wave Front Lasik In (B)(6) 2010. My Vision Was Corrected To 20/20 In Right Eye And To 20/25 In Left Eye After Surgery. Immediately After Surgery Vision In My Left Eye Got Blurred. I Am 9 Months Post Op As Of Now, The Vision In My Left Eye Still Same Blurred. On Top Of It, Two Months After The Surgery, I Started Developing Floaters In Both Eyes. They Just Getting Worse Since Then. Floaters Extremely Distracting During The Day Time, And On All Bright Backgrounds. Blurred Vision In My Left Eye Constantly Distracting Me While Night Driving. Since I Can Read 20/25 I Am Considered Lasik Success. This Is No Way How Doctor Can Come Up With Such Statements, I Am Suspecting That A Lot Of Lasik “Success” Info Is Just Simply Misapprehended To Public. I Would Like To Get Back To My Glasses But No Such Way.


    Reported: 11-Jan-11

  • I Underwent Lasik With The Visx Star 4 Laser With Intralase. Now I Have Substantial Night Vision Disability That Is Getting Progressively Worse. I Was Never A Good Candidate For The Procedure. The FdaS Only Contraindication For The Procedure Is Not To Leave A Corneal Residual Bed Less Than 250 Microns. I Started With A 500 Micron Cornea And Had A -8.00 Diopter Correction That Left About A 280 Micron Corneal Bed. The Treating Surgeon And 2Nd Opinion DonT Even Want To Try An Enhancement Via Lasik But Via (B)(6) Which Risks Corneal Haze Because Of The Thinness Of The Cornea. My Preop Pupil Size Was 8Mm. With The Correction Needed And My Pupil Size, My Night Vision Disability Was Guaranteed. The Visx Laser Is Only Approved For An Optical Treatment Zone Of 6Mm With An 8Mm Blend. The Surgeons Make You Sign A Huge Consent Form That Guards Them Against Litigation But They Otherwise Truly Fail To Inform The Pt Of Their Risks. The Fda Must Have More Stringent Criteria For The Indications Of This Procedure. This Is An Elective Procedure But Truly A Medical Procedure. This Is Being Treated Like A Cosmetic Procedure. There Are Too Many Eye Disorders That Are Being Created By Overindicating High Risk Pts. The Public Needs To Be Protected. I Am A Physician And Surgeon. I Know That It Does Not Matter What You Post On Your Web Site With Regard To Risks. Even A Relatively Safe Procedure Can Be Risky If Performed On The Wrong Pt. Pt Selection Is Crucial. The Criteria For Undergoing Lasik Needs To Be More Stringent With Regard To Pt Selection. Moreover, The Fda Is Too Focused On Visual Acuity With Regard To Evaluating Success. There Are Many More Facets To Good Vision Than Acuity. Contrast Sensitivity At Night And Night Vision Are Important Aspect Of Overall Vision.


    Reported: 25-Dec-10

  • I Had Lasik Twice Now. The First Time On (B)(6) 2010. As A Result Of Lasik, I Had The Following Complications: Overcorrection Which Caused Me Constant Strain And Pain -Severe Loss Of Near Sight Due To Overcorrection -Extreme Starbursts And Halos At Night -Loss Of Vision In Dim Settings Which Also Caused My Eyes To Strain -Daily Pain And Discomfort And Pressure In Brow Area -Constant Blood Shot Eyes. I Underwent The Enhancement On (B)(6) 2010. While It Seem To Have Helped With Some Issues, I Still Have: Daily Strain -Severe Starbursts And Halos At Night -Loss Of Vision In Dim Settings. This Still Causes My Eyes To Strain And I Feel Daily Pressure In My Brow Area. I Also Feel Pain In My Left Eye. It Is Difficult To Drive At Dusk And Night. My Pupils Are Very Large And I Was Never Informed About Pupil Size. Nor Were My Eyes Ever Dilated. I Know This Is A Problem As Most Of My Issues Are At Night And In Dim Lighting. Lasik Is Not Safe.


    Reported: 26-Nov-10

  • Went In For Lasik Consultation And Was Cleared Good To Go. After Having Lasik Done, I Noticed My Vision Was Poor In Dim Lighting And Had Extreme Starbursting Around Lighting. Went For My 3 Month Post Op And Found Out My Pupil Was 8Mm Not The 6Mm That They Had On My Chart After Consultation. Still After 3 Months, Nothing Has Changed With My Nighttime Vision.


    Reported: 01-Oct-10

  • Had Custom Intralase Lasik Performed On Both Eyes In May. Since Have Had Severe Dry Eye, Halos, Floaters, Starbursts, And Light Sensitivity. I Wore Contacts For Years And My Eyes Never Bothered Me Before. Now I Am In Constant Pain. I Have Never Had Depression Before And Since Lasik Have Fallen Into A Deep Depression. My Physician Downplayed The Side Effects Saying They Were Uncommon, Occuring Less Than 1% Of The Time, With The Newer Lasers And If I Had Custom Lasik, The Change Of Side Effects Would Be Even Less.


    Reported: 02-Sep-10

  • I Had Lasik Performed In (B)(6) 2010. After 4 Months, I Developed Severe Eye Dryness As Well As Increased Severe Sensitivity To Light. I Have Tried Taking Omega 3 As Well As Many Types Of Eye Drops And Now At 6 Months After Lasik I Do Not Have Any Improvement. It Is Affecting My Work And Quality Of Life. Night-Time Vision Has Not Improved And I See Halos And Starbursts And As A Result I DonT Like To Go Out At Night Any More. Other Problems Resulting From The Surgery Include: Loss Of Vision In Dim Settings, Loss Of Near Vision, Frequent Headaches, Difficulty Seeing Under Fluorescent Lights, Night-Time Loss Of Vision, Daily Discomfort And Pain, Dry Eye Stinging And Burning. Risks Were Not Adequately Explained And I Would Never Have Gone Through This Had I Known All The Risks.


    Reported: 23-Jul-10

  • I Had Lasik In October. My Doctor Used Wavelight Laser. After The Procedure, I Had Bad Low Light And Night Vision. I Asked My Doctor About It, He Made Me Feel Like It Was In My Head. Finally I Went To Another Doctor Whom Also Gave Me A Consultation Before I Had The Surgery. He Confirmed That It Was Not In My Head, And That I Had High Aberrations In My Left Eye. When I Confronted My Doctor, He Then Said He Would Like To Test Me Himself. Too Late! If He Could Test Me For Aberrations, He Should Have Done It Before! Correcting It Now Would Be Risky Because I Have Thinner Corneas. I Think Because The Technology To Test For Aberrations Is Available, It Should Be Mandatory For Doctors To Test For Aberrations. Diagnosis Or Reason For Use: Lasik.


    Reported: 10-May-10

  • Lasik Procedure. After 11 Months. I Have Dry Eye, Halos, Starburts, Pain. I Cannot Work Because Of This. I Have Been To 7 Doctors All Have Different Answers And Nothing Has Worked. I Am Upset With The Way Lasik Is Put Forth. My Doctor Made It Sound Like This Stuff Will Not Happen To You It Only Happens To 1% Of The People And You Have Healthy Eyes, So You Have Nothing To Worry About. I Told Him Over And Over, I Am On A Computer All Day I Cannot Have Dry Eye And He Told Me It Would Be Short Term. (B) (6)


    Reported: 28-Jan-10

  • A Family Member Of Mine Has Had The Corrective Laser Eye Surgery In Both Of Her Eyes. Since The Surgery, Her Main Eye Doctor Has Removed Her From That DoctorS Care And She Is Unable To See At Night Well Enough To Drive.


    Reported: 20-Oct-09

  • Lasik Surgery = Very Bad Halos, CanT Drive At Night Need To Take Drops To Help, Problems With Glare.


    Reported: 19-Oct-09

  • I Had Lasik Surgery Four Years Ago. I Have For The Last Year Had A Lot Of Problems With My Vision. My Left Eye Now Has A Thick Layer Of Cells That Are Bumpy On The Back Of The Cornea. I Cannot Drive At Night, As The Halo Effect And Brightness Of The Lights Causes Severe Pain. The Eye Doctor Says There Is No Health Problem That He Can Find. I Also Have One Pupil Now Larger Than The Other And The Pupil Goes To The Outer Edge Of The Lasik Scar, So I See The Blur Line From It. If I Had Known Any Of This Was Possible I Would Have Never Had It Done. I Think People Should Be Warned. Just A Six Month Check Up


    Reported: 16-Oct-09

  • Had Lasik Eye Surgery Done. I Am Suffering With A Haze, Double Vision And Am Unable To Drive And Having A Very Hard Time Going To Work. I Saw That The Fda Was Looking Into Lasik Surgery On The Television Today. An Employee In The Office Where I Went Informed Me That At Least Three People Have Problems That Had Lasik Surgery On The Same Day As Myself. At This Point, I Am Very Concerned And In The Process Of Making A New Appointment To Have A Second Opinion.


    Reported: 16-Oct-09

  • Despite Repeated Assurances That I Was A “Perfect” Candidate For Lasik Via A Custom Wavefront “Allegretto” Laser, I Still Suffer From Large Starbursts And Glare. The Doctor And His Assistants Swore That I Would Not Have These Issues, Yet Here I Am. We Need The Government To Rein In These Abuses And Help People Make Informed Choices Based Not On Profit, But Sound Medicine. I Had A Multitude Of Tests And Was Promised This WouldnT Happen With The Allegretto Laser… Dates Of Use: 2009. Diagnosis Or Reason For Use: Nearsighted. As A Pt I Do Not Know The Model Number Of The Machine – I Only Know It Is An “Allegretto Wave Front” Laser.


    Reported: 29-Sep-09

  • Lasik Eye Surgery Ruined My Eyes. Lasik Surgeons Only Look At Eyes As A Cash Crop For Them To Harvest And Make Money. They DidnT Explain Or Tell Me About Any Of The Life Altering Problems Lasik Causes. They Know That If They Did, No One Would Risk The Only Pair Of Eyes They Will Ever Have. The List Of Problems Lasik Has Caused Me. Severe Glare Severe Starbursts Double Vision – Ghosting – Bad Vision In Low Light And Darkness Halos Lights That Are Layered From The Light Source Dry Eye Severe Light Sensitivity Constant Fluctuating Vision Depression, Anxiety And Thoughts Of Suicide.


    Reported: 21-Apr-09

  • Lasik Surgery Has Resulted In Glare And Halos In My Vision. Objects In A Landscape Sometimes Appear Flat, Like A Paper Cut Out In A Diorama. I Have Dry Eyes, This Was Never A Problem Prior To Lasik. My Vision Becomes Blurry When My Eyes Are Dry. I Get Headaches From Some Lighting Conditions, Grocery/Department Store Lighting Is Problematic.


    Reported: 13-Mar-09

  • Voluntary Medwatch (B)(4) Was Received. A Pt Reports Experiencing Visual Difficulties Following Bilateral Refractive Surgery In 2008, However, The Medwatch Report Indicates An Event Date Of (B)(6) 2006. Symptoms Include: Corneal Haze, Permanent Damage From Corneal Swelling, Post-Op Astigmatism, Overcorrection, Epithelial Ingrowth, Blepharitis, Ghosting, Halos, Starbursts, Loss Of Contract, Decentered Eyes, Corneal Thinning And Dlk (Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis). The Pt Reports Obtaining Several Second Opinions And Difficulties With Operating Surgeon As Well As The Additional Physicians Providing The Second Opinions. The Pt Also Reports Dry Eyes Prior To The Refractive Surgery. No Further Info Is Available. This Report Is For The Left Eye, The Right Eye Is Being Reported Under Mfr Report # 1061857-2008-00190.


    Reported: 19-Dec-08

  • I Had Surgery In Lasik Center In 2008, I Was Farsightedness Using 1.50 Glasses I Went To Have A Consultation To See If I Was A Candidate For Surgery, They Said I Was The Perfect Candidate And That It Will Be Done In Less Than 10 Minutes. The Day Of The Surgery, A Lady Doctor Who Was Going To Perform The Surgery Told Us That We May Need Reading Glasses After The Surgery, She Never Told Us That I WonT Be Able To See Up To 8 Feet Or That I Will Have This Problems That I Am Writing Below. Discomfort Of Pain, Blurry Vision, Dryness, Glare, Halos, Starbursts Around Light, Itching, Scratchiness, Light Sensitivity, I Can Hardly See My Face Now, I Cannot Perform My Job, I Have Been Buying Almost 30 Pairs Of Glasses Trying To Fit One To My Needs And My Life, It Is Not The Same Any More. I Am Very Depressed, Grieving, Desperate, They Have Ruined My Eyes And My Life, And The Life Of My Family. Please Help Me. I DonT Know What To Do Now. I Feel Blind, I Can Do Nothing.


    Reported: 22-Oct-08

  • I Had Intralase, Followed Six Months Later By An “Enhancement” With Lasik. I Had Been Told I Was A Good Candidate And Any Risks Were Described As Very Minimal. Problems Were Evident Immediately Afterward And I Was Told Repeatedly They Would Clear Up. Several Years Later, While I Have Decent Acuity, The Quality Of My Vision Is Poor. I Suffer From Issues With Glare, Light Scatter, See Ghost Images, Halos And Starbursts During The Day. At Night, I Am Almost Blind. I Lost Much Of My Ability To Function In The World And Am Also Depressed And Filled With Remorse Because I Made The Choice To Have This Surgery. Yet, I Imagine, I Am Characterized As A Success Because I Can Read An Eye Chart From Across The Room. At My Last Appointment With The Physician Who Did The Surgery, He Said, He Remained Terribly Puzzled About My Eyesight, Acted Almost As If He DidnT Believe Me, And Said, “Well, ThereS A Lot We DonT Know About Eyesight.” If That Were The Case, I CanT Imagine Why This Surgery Is Marketed So Heavily.


    Reported: 29-Jun-08

  • I Had Lasik Surgery And Since Then I Have Not Been Able To Work For More Than A Half A Day. I See Double At Times. My Vision Goes Blurry And Then I CanT See Up Close Or Anything In The Distance. I Can No Longer Drive At Night Because Of The Halo Effect. In Low Light Areas, I Strain My Eyes So Hard That I Have Pain. I Had Mono Lasik And It Has Completely Screwed My Life Up. My Doctors Office Which Is The Lasik Vision Institute Keeps Telling Me That I Have Extremely Dry Eyes And That It Will Clear Up, But I Have Had No Improvement And It Seems To Be Getting Worse. This Could Ruin My Career And My Life. When They Tested My Eyes Before The Surgery And Found Out How Dry My Eyes Were, They Should Have Turned Me Away, Or At Least Informed Me Of The Serious Problems That Were Occurring Because Of Dry Eye Syndrome. I Am Paying For Surgery That Has Ruined My Life. I DonT Know How The Fda Can Continue To Let These Doctors Perform This Surgical Procedure That Ruins Peoples Lives. I Am Devastated Over This And DonT Know What I Am Going To Do.


    Reported: 21-Jun-08

  • I Have Had Lasik Surgery Twice Now And I Am Going Blind. I Was Never Told That There “Might” Be A Possibility That This Could Happen. I Have Been Living A Lasik Nightmare For The Past 4 Years And I Have Been To Countless Doctors And They Have No Idea What I Have And I Should Just Live With It And Be Thankful That I Am Not Blind Yet. I Have Triple Vision And I CanT See At Night And I Cannot Go Back To Work Because I CanT See. I Cannot Drive Anymore. I Have To Carry A Lens With Me That Makes Everything Bigger. I CanT See After Dark And I CanT See When It Is Bright Out. I Know That There Is Someone Out There That Has A Solution For What I Have -Although I DonT Have A Diagnosis Yet- Lasik Needs To Be Researched Further More Before The Procedures Are Done. Or There Should Be A Better Pre-Op Testing Procedure. My Life Has Been Ruined Due To Lasik And I Cannot Receive Any Compensation. While Lasik Might Be Right For Some People, It IsnT Right For Others. I Have Been Damaged From It And I Hope That Other People Will Think Before They Have This Done. Trust Me, It Is Not Worth It. I Would Give Anything To Wear Glasses Again. I Have Two Small Children To Raise And My Biggest Fear Is That One Day, I Will Wake Up And I Will Not Be Able To See Them.


    Reported: 17-Jun-08

  • I Had Lasik From A Dr About 6 Years Ago. It Ruined My Vision, And Gave Me Permanent Eye Pain And Dryness. I Now See Severe Halos, Ghosts, Multiple Images, Streaks, Starbursts, And My Vision Fluctuates Terribly. My Contrast Sensitivity And Depth Perception Are Ruined. It Affects My Work, My Hobbies, Every Aspect Of My Life Is Pain And Difficulty. I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night From The Painful Dry Eye. I Never Knew Depression Until Lasik. ItS Hard For Me To Believe This Horrific Lasik Procedure Is Fda Approved. These Problems Are Permanent And CanT Be Fixed. IVe Been To Many Doctors And None Of Them Can Do Anything. Dr Lied To Me About The Quality Of Vision, Dryness, Side Effects, Risks, And Remedies If Something Went Wrong. He Told Me That Night Vision Problems Were Due To Older Technology And They Had Been Fixed. He Told Me Lasik CanT Cause Permanent Dryness. He Told Me This Would Be Better Vision For Tennis. He Reported That I Was “Off To A Great Start” To A Referring Doctor At A Time When I Was Already Experiencing These Terrible And Permanent Problems. I Was Retreated With Ladarvision Several Months Later. The Ladarvision DidnT Fix Anything.


    Reported: 21-May-08

  • After “All-Laser” Lasik With Wavefront, I Am Experiencing Vertically-Stacked Double Images In Both Eyes Due To Astigmatism Introduced By The Surgery, See Halos And Flares At Night, And I Have A Corrected Vision Level Of 20/40. Diagnosis Or Reason For Use: Vision Correction.


    Reported: 01-May-08


Special thanks to Dr Edward Boshick for the supplied media. Eye Freedom