How they convince you that Laser Eye Surgery is safe


This topic overlaps a little with the ‘Are you a candidate?‘, but focuses directly on information that the Laser Vision Clinic will give you

    • No one has gone blind from Laser Vision Correction / Laser Eye Surgery.

Not true. There have been cases of retinal detachment (which is full blindness). Also this depends on what your definition of blindness is. You can be legally blind and still have some vision. You can even be 20/20 and be night blind. Ectasia, a progressive post refractive disease is sight threatening and will cause blindness, needing corneal transplant. More worringly, ectasia may not manifest for months, years, even decades.

    • You can get back to work within a day or so.

Not true. You can force yourself back to work, but its likely you will not be comfortable (assuming everything went well) for several weeks or even months.

    • The flap heals quickly.

Not true. The flap never heals.

    • No one has had night vision problems at ‘this’ clinic.

Not true. (need we say more?)

    • Night vision distortions are temporary.

Not true. If your visual distortions aren’t very severe, you might get used to them, but you might not. You certainly wont get used to them if your vision is severly distorted. People who have accupuncture are known to sometimes leave the clinic, with a needle still in their skin, its a tiny pain, hardly noticeable. If you had a hatchet sticking out of your head, you aren’t going to get used to it. Its all dependant on severity, same goes for distortions.

    • Problems can be easily corrected.

Not true. You only have a limited amount of tissued that can be safely vaporised.

    • If something goes wrong the clinic will look after you.

Not true – unless you are happy for the surgeon who just ruined your eye sight to have another go? It’s your eyes, not your car. In fact you wouldn’t trust the same mechanic again, so why trust the same surgeon? Also what is their incentive to spend time helping you? You have already paid your money, your just dead weight once the inital surgery is complete.

    • Surface laser (PRK / LASEK) is safe.

Not true – the surface laser vaporizes the bowmans layer, which cannot regnerate. The bowmans layer provides strength, stability and protection for your cornea. Also look at our topic on LASEK (PRK) Haze and MMC.

    • Satisfaction rates are 99% or more.

Not true. Where is the data? Have the patients been followed up? The majority maybe happy for a few months, but what about a few years afterwards?

    • The clinic has a 100% success rate.

Not true. The clinic defines its own success rate, which is usually who can read the snellen chart at 20/20. Many individuals can read 20/20 and are not happy with their vision in different lighting conditions, can it be deemed a success? What about those who develop complications years down the line?

    • Those who complain have sensitive eyes.

Not true. Everyone has sensitive eyes.

    • Those who complain are trouble makers and have mental illnesses.

Not true. Saddens me when I hear this, if you lose the ability to see correctly, would you not be angry? depressed? upset? ask for help? yet they class them as trouble makers and say that they ‘worry’ too much or have ‘anxiety’. When you cannot drive at night, or perform simple tasks, it’s fair to say that anyone can develop anxiety!

    • Dry eye pain is temporary and can be fixed with drops or plugs.

Not true. Dry eye pain can be alleviated a little, but generally it will be there forever, as the cornea is incapable of healing. Waking up in the middle of the night due to eye pain is not nice. Also, some people have dry eye problems pre-op, so post op, its going to be a lot worse.

    • None of the items on the informed consent ever happen.

Not true. The reason those items are on the informed consent, is because they do happen, and frequently!

Please read our FDA Adverse Events to see real accounts of the above.